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Manage your A-mail subscription

If you wish to unsubscribe from or resubscribe to A-mail email notifications, log into Inside Augsburg and then visit the A-mail subscription page.

This will take you to a white and pinkish page that has a “Receiving Mode” area.

A-mail subscription page
This is the page where you manage your A-mail subscription.


If you are currently subscribed to A-mail emails, the “Receiving Mode” will be set to “Standard.”

Receiving Mode: Standard
Receiving Mode is set to “Standard”

From the drop-down menu, select┬áthe option for “No Mail” to end your A-mail email notifications. You will need to hit “update” after making this selection in order for the change to take effect.

Receiving Mode: no mail. Then click Update button.
Once Receiving Mode is set to “no mail,” click the “Update” button to unsubscribe.

After you click “Update,” the page will refresh and you will see a message that says “set: action complete.” This means your subscription status has been updated.

set: action complete


If you want to resubscribe, simply visit the A-mail subscription page again and change the Receiving Mode from “No Mail” to “Standard” and then click the “Update” button.