Interfaith @ Cedar Commons: Faith and Human Rights

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Interfaith @ Cedar Commons: Faith and Human Rights
THIS THURSDAY, February 9th 6:30-8:30pm

Come join us for a meal and lively discussion on how our engagement with human rights work is informed by our faith and spiritual traditions! We will hear from three speakers and then discuss over delicious food from Holy Land.

* How do our belief systems or faith communities compel to us to respond to the violation of human rights?
* Are there ways that your faith has also been manipulated/abused to perpetuate injustice?
* How do you resist the violation of your rights?

SPEAKERS: Bahgat Elsagher, Brenda Elsagher and Vanessa Taylor.

Do you need to be a “person of faith” to come? Absolutely not. We welcome anyone with interest in conversation about how faith/spirituality shape our lives and intersect with the issues we care about.

This gathering is hosted by the Interfaith @ Cedar Commons organizer team and the Augsburg Interfaith Scholars. For more info about Interfaith @ Cedar Commons, join our Facebook group: “Interfaith @ Cedar Commons” and contact Rachel Svanoe with questions (

Cedar Commons [2001 Riverside Ave. S, Minneapolis MN]