2017 Outstanding Staff Award Nominees

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All Augsburg staff are invited to the Staff Appreciation Event at 2 p.m. on Thursday, March 2, in the Hoversten Chapel. Staff Senate will honor staff who celebrated their 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 35th anniversaries in 2016 as well as the nominees and winners of the Outstanding Staff Awards.

Nominees for Outstanding Newcomer Award
Mara Kilgore, Academic Affairs
Adam Troldahl, Registrar’s Office
Anthony Wilder, Residence Life

Nominees for Outstanding Staff Award
Katie Bishop, Academic Affairs
Thomas Carroll, Administrative Accounting
Mark Chamberlain, Marketing and Communication
Nate Hallanger, Academic Affairs
Verlon Moses, Custodial Services
Devon Ross, Undergraduate Admissions
Matthew Schornstein, Information Technology
Dennis Stuckey, Facilities Management
Rachel Svanoe, Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship
Minasie Theophilos, Custodial Services
Rebecca Waggoner, Alumni & Constituent Relations
Bill Wittenbreer, Library

Length of Service Awards
Wossene Dembel, 5 years
Jie He, 5 years
Paul Kienberger, 5 years
Seth Lienard, 5 years
Gobane Mudi, 5 years
Christine Oliver, 5 years
Susan Peacock, 5 years
Paul Raymond, 5 years
Stephanie Weiss, 5 years
Annette Carpenter, 10 years
Kevin Cheatham, 10 years
Stacy Cutinella, 10 years
Timothy Gormley, 10 years
Nathan Gorr, 10 years
Sarah Griesse, 10 years
Greg Holker, 10 years
Fatimah Kinaphone, 10 years
Nathan Lind, 10 years
Daniel Malvin, 10 years
Daniel Monsour, 10 years
Paul Pribbenow, 10 years
Mohamed Sallam, 10 years
Debra Shapiro, 10 years
Aregash Shokiyo, 10 years
James Shropshire, 10 years
Michelle Strauch, 10 years
Lula Temnewo, 10 years
Micheal Bloomberg, 15 years
Dianne Detloff, 15 years
Cathy Knutson, 15 years
Alyson Olson, 15 years
Olee Phommapheng, 15 years
Leif Anderson, 20 years
Doran Edwards, 20 years
Benjamin Kent, 20 years
Minasie Theophilos, 25 years
Michael Christianson, 35 years

For corrections to the length of service list, please email staffsenate@augsburg.edu

Thank you!
Staff Senate

Staff Appreciation Awards 2017