Disability as Diversity: Building Bridges To Full Inclusion

submitted by aleshirn@augsburg.edu

Most people want to be inclusive of those with disabilities in educational, vocational, religious, and social arenas; however, there can often be uncertainty about how to best accomplish this. In this interactive workshop, participants will explore the concept of ableism and various models of disability. Participants will examine disability through the lens of diversity and identify underlying sources of prejudice and discrimination commonly experienced by people with disabilities. Finally, this workshop will provide tips and resources for creating spaces that welcome people of all abilities. For more information, contact Kathy McGillivray at mcgillik@augsburg.edu.

Please join us for this workshop which will take place on Fri, February 23, 8:30am – 10:30am in the Marshall Room.

To register for this workshop, click the linked URL. Also, feel free to visit the Diversity, Inclusion and Equity webpage, where you can find future events by clicking the “Events Calendar” tab.