Important Announcement About Choral Placement Auditions

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The Augsburg choral faculty will be hearing placement auditions for Cedar Singers, Riverside Singers, and the Augsburg Choir on September 5th, 6th, and 7th. All University students are eligible – and heartily welcomed – to audition. If you were in Augsburg Choir last year, you are accepted to continue in AC this year, and there is no need to take these auditions. But we want to hear you if you are:

-a First-Year student.
-a Transfer student.
-a previous member of Cedar Singers
-a previous member of Riverside Singers seeking consideration
for Augsburg Choir.
-a returning student who has not previously been involved in our choirs.

Please take careful note of these auditions procedures:

1. Sign up for your audition slot in Anderson Music Hall. Between the band and choir rooms, M2 and M3, you will find a bulletin board where the sign-up sheets will be posted.

2. Arrive at least 15 minutes early at the choir room (M3) to access and complete the intake sheet and music-literacy assessment. (Never fear: we will use this assessment to inform our work with you, not to exclude you from participation.)

3. There is no need to prepare any song performance for this audition.

4. Results will be posted by Saturday morning on the same bulletin board where you found the sign-up sheets.

5. If you have questions, please contact the Music Office at or (612) 330-1265.