Strommen Series: The State of Health in Minnesota

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Rosemond Owens, Director of Health Equity | Diversity and Inclusion for Blue Cross and Blue Shield, will speak to The Ecology of Human Suffering nursing class on September 10th.

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Minnesota consistently ranks as one of the healthiest states in the nation, but those advantages don’t accrue to all. The fact is, our gap in health outcomes is among the greatest in the nation, with communities of color and American Indian communities usually facing the worst inequities. The face of Minnesota is changing. Our state will lose its healthy edge – and its way forward – if we don’t meet the needs of diverse communities and changing demographics.

Lately everyone is talking about health equity, while health inequities have been with us for generations. People experiencing inequities are often blamed for their predicaments, while health inequities are often caused by unfair treatment and systemic injustices such as structural and institutional racism.

Rosemond Sarpong Owens makes a compelling and urgent case for building equity into policies and practice. With her wide-ranging experience in public health, health equity and cultural competency, Rosemond brings a multifaceted perspective to this issue. She will provide insight on the many promising practices that can combat health inequities, including how Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota has created tools to embed equity in its policies and practices.

In this session, attendees will:
• Obtain a shared definition of health equity      
• Understand what causes health inequities
• Understand strategies for advancing health equity   
• Discuss effective resources and strategies in providing culturally competent care, including the LEARN Model

Presenter: Rosemond Sarpong Owens, Director of Health Equity | Diversity and Inclusion

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