Payroll Notice For 2018-2019 Academic Year – For all Faculty, Staff and Student Workers

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With the pay date of September 14th being the first payroll of the Academic Year, which can be the first paycheck for many new employees, we ask that everyone review their paystubs for accuracy. If you feel you were not paid correctly please stop by the Payroll office, Science Hall – 148 or email

Student Workers
The September 14th pay date is for any hours worked through pay period ending 09/08/2018, these hours are considered summer hours. Please make sure you have been paid for all summer worked hours, if you were not paid please check with your manager to ensure they set up a summer position for you.

Any hours worked in the current pay period 09/09/2018 – 09/22/2018 will be paid on September 28th. These hours are considered Work Study hours and will be throughout the Academic Year. Please make sure when logging into Kronos you are selecting a Work Study position, if you do not see a Work Study position, please notify your supervisor as this could create payroll issues.

Please contact Natalie Dinky or Nathan Hall anger in Academic Affairs if you believe there is an issue with your payroll. The Academic Affairs office is responsible for all Faculty/Adjunct related compensation.

Additional Payroll Items
Parking deductions began on the 09/14/2018 check for the Academic year, please review your stub and email if you feel there is an error.

Please review your W-4 withholdings shown in the bottom left corner of your pay stub. You can make changes to this at any time in the year. Forms are available in the Payroll office, Science Hall – 148 or visit the Administrative Accounting/Payroll webpage to print and complete a form.

We also ask that you please review your pay stub for accuracy regarding your Legal Name and report any errors regarding name and/or address to Human Resources,

Thank you and please contact if you need any further assistance.