Payroll Reminders – For all Faculty, Staff and Student Workers

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The pay date of September 28th can be the first paycheck for many new employees, so we ask that everyone please review their paystubs for accuracy. If you feel you were not paid correctly please stop by the Payroll office, Science Hall – 148 or email

Student Workers
The 09/28/18 pay date is for any hours worked 09/09/2018 – 09/22/18 and/or for any late unpaid summer hours. If you worked any hours 09/09 – 09/22/2018 and you were not paid, please email the payroll office at

If you are having any difficulties logging your worked hours into Kronos, please email the payroll office at

Please contact Natalie Dinki or Nathan Hallanger in Academic Affairs if you believe there is an issue with your payroll. The Academic Affairs office is responsible for all Faculty/Adjunct related compensation.

We also ask that you please review your pay stub for accuracy regarding your Legal Name and report any errors regarding name and/or address to Human Resources,

Thank you and please contact if you need any further assistance.