University Course Survey Information: Final Group Session Oct 4

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Faculty and staff, and students, are invited to an information session in advance of the October 10th faculty meeting to vote on adopting a new end of term survey form for university wide feedback on courses. Based on over a year of analysis of research, pilot testing, and input from students and colleagues, this form is designed to measure student satisfaction with course experiences. It is not a form designed to measure teaching effectiveness or student learning; those purposes will be served through customized department and individual faculty data collection.
There is one remaining (of 3) listening sessions: October 4 from 10-11 in Cedar Room. We welcome questions and feedback prior to the faculty meeting. If you cannot attend any of these please contact a committee member directly. Send questions to The working group is: Scott Krajewski, Kelsey Richardson Blackwell, Terrance Kwame-Ross, Kristin Chamberlin, Ben Denkinger and Diane Pike.
(There was an error in previous update. The session is Oct 4 not Oct 9.)