Important: Human Resources/Payroll Information – Phishing Scam

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It has been brought to our attention by an employee that they received the following questionable email:

Good Day,
This is a friendly reminder , All employees must send current bank information via Email for payroll update before 10th of January 2020.
Send a voided check or send in the following format:
Account holder name
Account number
Account type

Thank you for your cooperation.
Kindly disregard if you have already compiled by sending your details.

Happy New Year!
Human Resources.

To protect yourself against fraudulent activity we recommend the following:
• Please do not provide sensitive information via email or over the phone, the Human Resources/Payroll department would not request sensitive information in that manner.
• Please make sure the request is from an official email address.
• When in question regarding a request for information please email or to verify.

Our IT partners are aware of this incident and they suggest clicking the Report Spam button to better “train” Google to filter these emails out from reaching your inbox.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.