Prof. Doug Green at the February Midstream Series Reading

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Midstream’s Valentine’s Eve reading features original poems read/performed by their creators: Jennifer Winterstein, Marc Thompson, Rita Moe and D.E. (Doug) Green.

Host: Roslye Ultan,

When: Thursday February 13, 2020, 7:30–8:30pm.

Where: Milkweed building, corner of 39th and (3820) East Lake. Upstairs. Entrance just west of Milkweed (the former Blue Moon coffee house); up the stairs and to the left. Not wheelchair accessible. Plentiful street parking.

Best to arrive 10-20 minutes early to get coffee and food/dessert from Milkweed, and to be seated by 7:30 so we can begin on time. The venue will easily hold about 35; after that, standing or floor-sitting room only. The early bird gets the seat. Please occupy the close seats first. Be an up-front person.