Federal Jobs – What You Need to Know When Applying

submitted by tilton@augsburg.edu

Have you ever considered a career with the federal government?

If you were asked to name people who work for the federal government, you might start by listing off high-ranking elected officials. However, the federal government hires employees of all skill, education, and experience levels—no televised debates required. No matter what your professional interests are, you can find a job that fits your strengths.

Once you’ve found a federal job that interests you, you’ll start to notice some key differences in the hiring process. To begin with, did you know that a winning federal resume follows different rules than one for the private or nonprofit sectors? (For example, it’s not uncommon for a federal resume to be four or five pages! But more on that later.) The usual tips are important, but there are some specifics about federal resumes that you should keep in mind.

Following are pre-recorded videos that will guide you in your job search.

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