Scholarship Announcement – Fall 2020

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Augsburg’s Education Department is pleased to announce multiple funding opportunities for licensure-track students of Color and Indigenous students. We were fortunate to receive a generous grant from the Minnesota Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER).

Only students who are juniors, seniors, or MAT status may apply. The grant will cover only courses that lead to licensure. Undergraduate and graduate students are required to apply each semester for a one or two credit tuition award. Student teaching grants are offered for students only one-time.

Undergraduate students:
The grant will cover 1 credit per semester at a cost of $1,228 for undergraduate students.
Graduate students:
The grant will cover 2 credits per semester at a cost of $509 per credit for a total of $1018.
Stipend for student teachers:
The grant will cover a one-time living award up to $1,500
Students who are interested must complete the grant application to receive fall 2020 tuition assistance.

Tuition reimbursement application:

Student teaching stipend application:

Please share this information with students who may qualify to receive this grant and the last day to apply is 11/ 20/2020 for the fall semester.
Please reach out to Hana Salad if you have any questions at