Complexity of Gender Equality: Free Nordic Women 2021 Films

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“The Nordic countries have a proud history of firmly embracing the complexities of gender equality. With this common voice of urgency, you are invited to a space where bold, creative and distinctive female voices are examined, amplified and celebrated.”

During five weeks between February 2 and March 3, you can watch five films from across the Nordic countries, meet their directors and host five conversations with Nordic and American filmmakers. This is all made possible by the Women In Film and Television International (WIFTI) organization.

Themes range from inconvenient women to borderless filmmaking, from women who define their own reality to those making our blood boil. Meet Sundance-winner Ísold Uggadóttir, May el-Toukhy, Oscar-contenders Zaida Bergroth and Maria Søhdahl and Samí-director Suvi West; award-winning actresses Sofia Helin, Trine Dyrholm; and many more.

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