Updates from the AAC

submitted by maherk@augsburg.edu

The AAC had a busy meeting on Monday, February 1. Below are the proposals approved by the committee:

-Temporary grading policies that were implemented in Fall 2020 will extend into Spring 2021.
-New Minor in “Music Production”
-New Theater course: PWC 320 “Writing for Television”
-Removal of the “Social Psychology” and “Psychology and Law” concentrations from the catalog.
-Policy proposal from the TEL subcommittee that seeks to revise the course approval process for courses that are proposed in online or hybrid formats. It assumes that the goal of AAC in the course review process is to see that online/hybrid courses are designed in alignment with course goals/objectives and that the course will be delivered effectively.

In addition to those approvals, the committee received an update on the joint AAC/GAAC working group on a scaffolding policy, which seeks to create a guideline for course level values and a sensical pathway of courses through a major. The policy has not yet been voted on but will be brought back before the committee on February 15.

Finally, the committee worked through a Zoom camera statement recommended by the TEL subcommittee. The final approved version of the statement read as follows, “The Augsburg community will be cognizant of the varied living and personal situations of our community members. In live remote settings, camera on/off status shall not be a determinant of attendance or participation, result in lost points, or in any other way lower a student’s grade. An exception can be made in the case of proctored exams.”

AAC minutes, approvals, information, and proposal forms are available at https://inside.augsburg.edu/facultysenate/aac/. The link to the approvals is also available below.

AAC Tracking Summary