Advocate for the Minnesota State Grant Program

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We have an opportunity to communicate with Gov. Tim Walz and our state legislators about the importance of helping college students by increasing funding for the State Grant program. These need-based grants help two in five Minnesota students going to college in the state, at both public and private nonprofit institutions. And here at Augsburg, 1,350 students receive these grants.

Now is the time to ask Minnesota policymakers to invest in college students and increase the size of these grants. The State Grant program, which provides need-based financial aid similar to the Pell Grant, is the only way that the State of Minnesota supports students at our institution and other private colleges throughout the state.

Through the Minnesota Private College Council’s advocacy system, Advocates for Minnesota Student Aid, you can easily send a message to the Governor and your legislators stating your support for increased funding for the State Grant program.

Please consider contacting your elected representatives. You can find out more and take action here:

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