Sad News About Colleagues in Mexico

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Today we share the sad news that two staff members at CGEE Mexico, Isabel Sanchez Hernandez and her husband, Moisés Rios, passed away on Sunday and Tuesday, respectively. Both had been in the hospital for COVID for the past month.

Isabel and Moisés were and always will be cherished members of the Augsburg community in Cuernavaca. Isabel worked as CGEE’s cleaner on and off for over 30 years, and Moisés was a night watchman and driver.

Here is a message of remembrance, written by Ann Lutterman-Aguilar, CGEE Mexico site director:

Maria Isabel Sanchez Hernandez was an amazing woman who touched the lives of students, faculty, and staff members alike. Isabel loved to sing while she worked and was known always to be smiling. She took English lessons so that she could communicate better with students, and she often stayed late, well beyond her work shift, so that she could help students with their Spanish homework. She was a colleague and a dear friend, someone who would always go the extra mile for the people around her. Her passing leaves a huge hole in our hearts.

Moisés Rios was a caring man who loved his family above all else. He didn’t speak much English, but this didn’t matter–even with those who didn’t speak Spanish, he always found ways to communicate. Words were not a barrier for Moi. Former students, visiting professors, and staff will attest to his warmth and kindness. As a driver, Moisés made countless runs to the airport, shops, community organizations, and field trip sites, showing every day that he was a critical part of the program team.

Isabel and Moisés leave behind their five children, Rosa, Andres, Diego, Miriam, and Sliri (11 years old).