Faculty/Staff Parking Permits

submitted by parking@augsburg.edu

For faculty or staff who have not yet purchased a parking permit for the year:

At the moment, Public Safety has no supply of hanging Faculty/Staff parking tags. This does not mean we are out of available parking spaces, but it does mean we cannot process parking permit transactions until we receive a resupply of the tags because each transaction is associated with the unique code on each tag.

As a result, if you go to the Parking Services site (in the left menu on Inside Augsburg after you log in), it will report that all lots are sold out. It is not easy to reprogram that page, so please disregard that status for now and continue to park in the faculty/staff lots as needed. DPS has affirmed we will not ticket vehicles in the faculty/staff lots until we have a sufficient supply of permit tags and faculty and staff members have time to purchase their new permits. A new batch of 100 Faculty/Staff year permits will be shipped to Augsburg on September 9. Typically, it takes no more than a week for that shipment to arrive.

As soon as additional parking tags are available, we will load them into the Parking Services site and send a communication so staff and faculty can finalize their permit purchase. In the meantime, staff and faculty may email parking@augsburg.edu for a temporary, paper permit to use until the additional permit tags are available.