Updated Lead Time for the Copy Center

submitted by longj@augsburg.edu

With the 2022-23 school year we have some changes to the Central Services. We are going down to a three-person staff:

Billy Callen – Copy Center
Jeni Long – Mail Room/Site Lead
Cody Hua – Shipping/Receiving

With the change in staffing levels we need to change the print project lead time to 24-hours. Please be sure to call the Copy Center (612-330-1054) before submitting anything needed sooner.

The smoothest process to having your print job completed in time is to submit it using the Augsburg Copy Request system, https://sites.augsburg.edu/centralservices/copy-center-costs/.

Printer support calls/paper request may now take up to 3 hours for Central Services to have someone free to come and look at it.

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