Playwrights’ Center/Augsburg CGEE Instructor one of “TV’s Hottest Writers”

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The StarTribune profiled Playwrights’ Center/Augsburg CGEE instructor Sofya Levitsky-Weitz in an article last week. The article highlights the connection between the Playwrights’ Center and “some of most in-demand TV writers this fall”

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Among Sofya’s works are:
Plays: “Cannabis Passover,” “This Party Sucks”
TV: “Gaslit,” “The Dropout,” “The Bear”

In 2020, Augsburg CGEE and the Playwrights’ Center launched an exciting new partnership to offer courses taught by the nation’s leading playwrights. Through online courses, university students connect with peers across the country and are taught by leading professional playwrights who are actively working in the field. These courses are open to students across the country as well as to Augsburg students in the theater, creative writing, and MFA programs.

This fall Sofya Levitsky-Weitz is teaching Writing for Television.

Learn more about the courses offered through Playwrights’ Center/Augsburg CGEE