Advent Vespers Choir

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“Joy to the World!”

Calling all Auggies–students, staff, faculty, alumni–and your interested friends and family members.

Love singing Christmas music in a choir?

Too busy to add a full season’s choir membership?

Why not join Augsburg’s pop-up Advent Vespers Choir?

2022 marks our return to live celebration at Central Lutheran Church.

Alongside our standing student ensembles, this year’s service of music and devotional orations will feature the debut of the Advent Vespers Choir, directed by Mark Sedio and Kristina Boerger.

Rehearsals: The first three Tuesday evenings in November, 7–8:15 p.m., for performances on December 2 and 3.

The ensemble will perform two feature numbers of its own, also helping to lead congregational carols.

For full details, contact Professor Kristina Boerger by October 1: