Paid Sim Patient Opportunity (4/9)

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The Augsburg PA program is seeking people who can become pregnant who are interested in being a genitourinary (GU) simulated patient/model for our Physician Assistant students. The model/patient will provide students with the opportunity to examine reproductive anatomy and learn to perform a thorough and patient-centered pelvic and speculum exam.

GU simulated patients need to have an intact uterus, cervix, and ovaries (no history of hysterectomy). Reimbursement is $65 per pelvic exam, with an average of 6-7 exams per session. The lab day will be 4/9/24 from 1-4.

Because this is a hands-on and sensitive topic, patients must be comfortable with a full pelvic and speculum exam. Prior exam experience is preferred. Any questions or concerns can be directed to