Want to Help Make a Film Come to Life?

submitted by jonesc@augsburg.edu

Have you heard about Augsburg College’s Senior Film Keystone class? We are making a short independent film called “Medallion.” Our film is about Ben who is seven years into his sobriety, and loses his wife to a car accident forcing him to come to terms with his alcoholism without his anchor. He is faced with the decision to either forget the life that he has built with her or face reality and continue to honor her memory. With our film, we hope to combat the stigma surrounding alcoholics and addicts in film as we build a new narrative.

To help fund our film, we have started an IndieGoGo and we are officially halfway past our $2,000 goal with 11 days left. Please check out the site at the link below, and donate as you are able.

Your donation would help us rent equipment, secure locations, costume our characters, feed our cast and crew, purchase insurance, and submit our film to festivals.

If you would rather, please follow us and share our page on your social media!

As you see fit, please pass this message along to people that would be interested in donating or following us on social media. We want to reach as many people as possible!