Salmeri Named Augsburg’s Executive Director for Recovery Advancement

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The College appointed Patrice Salmeri to the donor-endowed position as Executive Director for Recovery Advancement to bring to fruition the strategic priorities of the StepUP Advisory Board and College. In her new role, effective June 2017, Salmeri will work to:

* Reduce stigma associated with substance use disorder recovery by advising on and shaping policy issues.
* Advise the Augsburg College president on issues and resources related to support for student recovery.
* Support and inspire other colleges and universities across the nation to provide recovery programs modeled after Augsburg’s successful StepUP Program.
* Develop and pilot programs for students who have graduated from or left the StepUP Program but still have coursework to complete.
* Work with StepUP Program alumni and connect soon-to-graduate students with program alumni.

A search is underway to fill the position of Director of StepUP, previously held by Salmeri.

About Patrice Salmeri: The StepUP Program director since 2002, Salmeri has led StepUP Program growth from 30 students per year to over 100. Salmeri is recognized nationally as a leader and champion of recovery, is an expert on residential collegiate recovery, and is a sought-out national speaker on substance use disorder issues related to young people.