Healing the Whole: Developing Care Models for Diverse Communities

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Join Chris Farrell from MPR as he interviews Mary Brainerd, CEO of Health Partners, and Sara Theophilos, COO of PeopleĀ‰’s Center Health Services to discuss creating inclusive care models.

Leaders in every sector are understanding the need to recruit diverse teams in order to serve an increasingly diverse world. Health care, as a sector, is at the forefront of confronting this need and examining deeply embedded stereotypes both in historical context and social norms rooted in othering.

Health care leaders answering the call to provide care in a more equitable and just manner must educate professionals through a lens of wholeness and must consider new models of care.

To make such a sizable shift in practice and policy, health care leaders will need to consider a wide range of potential barriers. Consideration must be given to:

  • Reducing health disparities and inequalities in a rapidly diversifying world
  • Recruiting and retain a more diverse workforce
  • Having diversity of executives in the boardroom and leadership roles
  • Improving communities through vital outreach programs and community-based initiatives
  • Partnering with communities in meaningful ways to co-create sustainable means of change for identified health challenges
  • Working with external partners and resources to strengthen ecosystems
  • Reducing stereotypes that are embedded in policy, procedure and social norms

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