Morning Chapel: Mindful Monday

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Join us in the chapel at 10:40 a.m. for Mindful Monday with Krista Costin ’08, a yoga and meditation instructor for 20 minutes of relaxing yet invigorating breathing and stretching exercises!

Upcoming chapel services:

  • Tuesday, 3/21, 11:30am: The Augsburg Concert Band, conducted by Erika Svanoe.
  • Wednesday, 3/22, 10:40am: Prof. Hans Wiersma,Religion, preaching. Prof. Bill Capman, music.
  • Thursday, 3/23, 11:30am: Kaylie Johnson ’17 Senior Chapel
  • Friday, 3/10, 10:40am: Pastor Jane Buckley-Farlee, Trinity Lutheran Congregation. Neil O‰Mara, instrumental solo.

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