Turn your unpaid internship into pay

submitted by tilton@augsburg.edu

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if you could get paid to do an internship?

You may be able to do just that because of a grant awarded to Augsburg College. This program serves juniors and seniors who receive financial aid, improving their odds of graduating and preparing them to enter the workforce with real-world experience in their fields of study.

To be eligible:

* Students must be in good academic standing (2.0+ GPA)

* Students must be a college junior or senior (60 credits completed) at the time of the internship (Second semester sophomores can apply as long as they hold junior standing BEFORE the internship begins)

* Students must be eligible for financial aid (work study) Not sure if you are eligible? Email studentfinances@augsburg.edu or check your awards package

* The internship must be related to your major or career aspirations

* Internships will take place Summer 2017, Fall 2017, or Spring 2018

Act now! Priority consideration is given to students who complete the short Augsburg application, so we recommend you complete it soon.

To learn more about the grant, visit http://www.augsburg.edu/strommen/. Apply for the grant thru Inside Augsburg, On Campus Jobs. Search for “Great Lakes Grant‰.”

If you already have an unpaid internship lined up and would like to see if it can be turned into a Great Lakes site, please contact us at 612-330-1148 and we will assist you.