Hagfors Center: A final view from the tower crane

submitted by rjohn@augsburg.edu

Last week, the tower crane — which had been on the construction site since May 2016 — was removed from the Hagfors Center site, as it is not required for the remainder of the construction project. This week’s update includes photos from the apex of tower crane and a photo of it being dismantled. The summary also includes a view of the Hagfors Center from the top of Mortensen Hall as well as updates on the following:

[1] Curtainwall framing (including photo)
[2] Hand-laid brick
[3] Fourth-floor exterior
[4] North elevator
[5] Scaffolding in the lobby area (including photo)
[6] Interior tile and electrical work

See the full Hagfors Center summary for the week of March 27, 2017.