Drought in Somalia Relief Help

submitted by barre@augsburg.edu

Hello all. Please see this important message from Zahra Hassan, of Fairview Hospital, who works with Augsburg’s Health Commons program in Cedar-Riverside.

“The drought in Somalia is turning into the worst Famine in 60 years. Beginning of this month over a two day span over 100 people died in one area due to hunger. The people in Somalia need us as much as the ones we are working here at the Health Commons. Our work in the Health Commons involves providing resources and working together with the community to achieve optimum health. With many of the community we serve in our Cedar Riverside Health Commons having families in Somalia they are affected by what is happening back home. As part of Health Commons team I thought we can assist in contributing to making a difference in Somalia. Below is a non-profit organization I am volunteering with that is on the ground in Somalia and other parts of East Africa. I am reaching out to ask for donations and would like you to pass on the link for others to please donate.

BaitulMaal is a non-profit organization that worked in Somalia the last famine that took place in 2011 and I volunteered with them to conduct fund raising events here in Minneapolis. Please pass it on.
Here is the link: http://www.baitulmaal.org/worst-drought-60-years-hitting-horn-africa/”

Please help out in any way you are able. If you have concerns or need more information please contact clarkk@augsburg.edu.