MAL Hosts Leadership Summit Today

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On Wednesday, the Master of Arts in Leadership program will co-host the 3rd Annual Leadership Summit with the Midway Chamber of Commerce. In the morning, MAL grad Diana Pierce will present “Mentoring Emerging Leaders in an Uncertain World”. In addition, Augsburg’s Mary Laurel True will be leading a session entitled “Making Connection Through Community Engagement” which includes a walking tour through Cedar/Riverside.

The noon keynote speaker is Dr. Sylvia Bartley, Global Director at Medtronic Philanthropy. Her topic is “The Power of Leading From Your Heart: An Authentic Form of Innovation & Progressive Leadership.” Sylvia also has a new book out entitled “Turning the Tide: Neuroscience, Spirituality, and My Path Toward Emotional Health”. Past keynote speakers for the Summit have included former Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak and Jodi Harpstead the CEO of LSS.

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