Writing Stipends Available for Faculty Grant Seekers

submitted by robargej@augsburg.edu

The Office of Sponsored Programs is pleased to announce that writing stipends are now available to faculty grant seekers!

What is a writing stipend?
Writing stipends are small awards, available to faculty grant seekers, that are intended to encourage the development and submission of innovative grant proposals that support individual faculty scholarship, enhance student learning, and/or promote the strategic priorities of Augsburg2019.

Upon successful submission of an eligible grant proposal, the faculty writer will receive a writing stipend that will be deposited into their professional development account. Stipend values will be based on the total budget request and the annual maximum per person per year is $1,000. For more information, visit http://inside.augsburg.edu/grants/2017/05/25/writing-stipends-available-for-faculty-grant-seekers/

Funding for this program is made possible by a grant from the Augsburg2019 Innovation Fund.

Ready to start writing or want to learn more? Contact Erica Swift at swift@augsburg.edu.

Writing stipends available for Faculty Grant Seekers