Electric Cargo Bike for Sale

submitted by weisss@augsburg.edu

I’m selling my nearly new RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike. I bought the bike in February and have only logged 40 miles on it.

This awesome orange bike can go up to 40 miles on a charge, can haul up to 350 pounds of stuff, has an integrated bell, and the headlight and taillights run off the battery. The bike also has wood running boards and a seat — convenient for hauling a friend or kid around town. And, to make sure you and any passengers stay mud-free, the bike has fenders and back wheel covers to prevent splatter. A double kickstand means loading/unloading are easy and that your bike is unlikely to dump over!

If you are wondering if RadWagons are durable, the simple answer is “yes.” My brother has been riding a RadWagon for about 14 months in Alaska and in all kinds of weather and with his son on the back! He uses his bike to haul broken trailer axles to the shop for repair, tote his skiing gear to mountain bases, and more. I’ve used mine to hook up a dog trailer to take one of my mutts to the dog park. This bike is ready to work for you!

I’m asking $1,500 (firm). New, the bike is $1,600 and requires assembly. I’ve done the assembly and all the fine tuning so everything is working like a charm.

I’m only selling my RadWagon because my original electric bike, stolen ion New Year’s Day, resurfaced and I want to go back to riding that! Selling this bike will allow me to finance the repairs.

Meet the RadWagon … it’s rad