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Spend Winter Break in the UK

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Spend your winter break abroad! The short-term program, From Harry Potter to Brexit: Youth Culture and Social Change, is accepting applications. This 11-day, 4-credit course (WST 220) –which primarily takes place in London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland—will enable students to experience the connection between place and politics and to examine techniques of visual storytelling. While traveling through and between these two cities, you will learn about the ways that mediums like film, television, music, and cartooning have been utilized to craft progressive political messages. We will converse with academic experts and youth activists about the effect of gender, race, and nationality on 20th and 21st century British politics, with a particular focus on the contemporary crisis brought on by Brexit.

We will analyze the Harry Potter series of books and films as a specific case study that illustrates the possibilities of using pop culture toward progressive ends, examining the ways that it engages with contemporary and historical patterns in British history, such as nativist sentiment, sexist politics, and labor rights. Our visits to both real-world sites used in the film and to the Warner Brothers studio will demonstrate the ways that filmmakers use place to ground fantastical stories and to embed politicized messages. In addition to more traditional methods like taking field notes, we will also utilize social media throughout our trip in order to put into practice one of the central claims of this course—that social media can be an effective and essential mechanism of distributing peer-reviewed information in an accessible manner.

Program details and application here

General Announcements

NPPF/Hennepin County Library Book Club Fosters Dialogue Across Differences

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Hennepin County Library, in partnership with the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, launched a summer book club to explore stories and writings of leading authors and public figures in the months leading up to the 2017 NPPF. Learn more, including how to register, by clicking the link below.

Learn how to register today!

Augsburg-Luther Shared Services Agreements and Updates

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Just over a year ago, Augsburg and Luther Seminary launched our strategic alliance to explore opportunities to share administrative services in select areas. On Friday, an update communication from President Paul Pribbenow was posted on the Strategic Alliance Initiatives page (see link below).

The communication provides an overview of the work to date on existing initiatives and announces newly launched shared services initiatives involving Finance and Administration, Marketing and Communication, and the Office of Campus Ministry. A similar update was posted by Luther Seminary President Robin Steinke for the Luther Seminary campus.

You can find the link to the June 2017 update under the Key Documents section of the Strategic Alliance Initiatives page, using the link below.

Go to the Augsburg-Luther Seminary Strategic Alliance Initiative page (login required)

Event Announcements

Vocation of a Lutheran College Conference: Vocation for Life

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Augsburg Faculty and Staff:

You are invited to attend the twenty-third annual Vocation of a Lutheran College Conference at Augsburg College from Monday, July 17 to Wednesday, July 19. Each year, five faculty members from each of the ELCA Colleges come together to explore the distinct roles that they play in higher education. This year, our theme is “Vocation for Life.”

The conference will begin with an opening session at 5 pm followed by a dinner at 7:00 pm on July 17 and conclude by 1:00 pm on July 19.

Register and learn more on the conference website:

If you have questions about registration, contact Lonna Field: or 612-330-1467

If you would like more information about the conference, contact Tom Morgan: or 612-330-1773

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore leadership through the lens of vocation!

Keeping Track of Auggies

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$10 Target Gift Card for Research Study Participants

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Hello Students,

My name is Tiffany Widseth and I am an Exercise Science student and an McNair researcher this summer at Augsburg. I am investigating a modified version of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) test in Division III female college soccer players and need healthy female Augsburg College students (ages 18-24) to participate in this study as part of the control group. You may not be currently a part of an Augsburg athletic team.
This study involves a one-hour visit to Kennedy Center Physiology lab (room 309) for Functional Movement Screen testing and a video of a drop jump. Participants will receive a $10 gift card to Target.

You can reach me at: to get more details or to schedule an appointment time.

Thank you!

$5 for Research Participants (Eye Motion)

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We are seeking research participants in a study investigating how our eyes move when locating hidden objects. Participants will have their eye movements monitored while they complete a series of computerized visual search tasks. Eligible participants will be given $5 for their participation in this brief experiment.

All adults over 18 years of age with normal or corrected-to-normal vision are eligible to participate. The task takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and there are no anticipated risks to participation.

Please contact Samantha Kong via email ( if you are interested in participating.

$5 for Research Participants (Intuitive Intelligence)

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We are seeking research participants in a study investigating
intuitive intelligence and its role in behavior.
Participants will play a series of short computer games and will then
be asked to fill out a few surveys related to their play. Eligible
participants will be given $5 for their participation in this brief
experiment that will take 30 minutes or less. If you are
interested, please contact James at