New System for Digital Screens Launched

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A new system to manage the digital signs on campus, which is based on WordPress, was launched this summer. It will provide several improvements:

• greater reliability: the previous system was no longer supported
• quicker turnaround: the new system will use templates for event announcements and general announcements, resulting in quicker posting
• emergency alerts: over the summer, we will be working with Public Safety in hopes of integrating the new system with their notification system so that emergency alerts can be displayed automatically.

Requests for digital screens can still be submitted at To allow ample opportunity for the campus community to encounter the information, please submit digital screens announcing events no less than two weeks before the event takes place. Digital screens are the preferred method for announcing and promoting on-campus events in our buildings. For this reason, generally speaking, Marketing and Communication will not produce posters, flyers, or handouts to promote on-campus events to internal audiences.

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