Bring Us Your Tomato Staking Materials!

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There are some wonderful tomatoes growing in the community garden, but it’s time to get them some support before they fall over! Tomato cages are expensive and not always effective, so we’re holding a Great Tomato Stake-Off in the garden next Friday, June 30th at 5pm. We’re willing to be creative with staking materials, but we’re especially looking for donations of the following: wooden stakes (~ 6 ft tall with a pointed end), bamboo poles, tall metal stakes for fencing, or anything similar to those materials. Can you check your garages and alleys for these materials and anything else you think could creatively be used to keep tomatoes upright and happy? Donations can be dropped off at the Sabo Center anytime before June 30th. Contact Allyson if you want confirmation that your scrounged materials will actually be useful for staking tomatoes!