Mid-Century Scandinavian Stack Stools for Sale

submitted by weisss@augsburg.edu

Hey, you. Yes, you, you mid-century Scandinavian design-loving fool, I’m talking to you.

Check it out: I’m selling a set of four stack stools designed by the famous Alvar Aalto. You know, that Finnish dude who was an architect and designer who pioneered bentwood design ahead of the times and that Ikea tries poorly to mimic. The stools sport Aalto’s patented 6-kerf design. Patented, people. Patented.

These stools were imported by Scandicrafts of Dobbs Ferry, New York. Likely from the 1940s or so, they show wear appropriate to their age. All the veneer is in place. I’m asking $2,100 for the set. Learn more and see the darn stools at the link below. Hollah if you are interested.

Alvar Aalto’s Awesome Stack Stools