Women and the Construction of Peace

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Carol Rojas will be on campus to give a presentation and a participatory workshop on Women and the Construction of Peace in Colombia.
Monday, October 9th at 7:15pm-9:00pm
Marshall Room-Christensen Center

About the Speaker
“In the Antimilitarist Feminist Network, she learned about working class feminism and discovered the need to collectively build forms of life that invite the transformation of the living conditions of those who have suffered war, hunger, dehumanization, lack of education, work, and health. Changing imagery, denaturalizing war and violence, working towards peace and building women’s power.

Carol Rojas is a popular educator who accompanies formative processes with men and women who live in working class neighborhoods. Her primary objective is to demilitarize and undo the patriarchy that exists in peoples’ bodies and minds so that they can transform their territories based on an antimilitarist working class feminism and the commitment towards the democratization of the Colombian state, which is a key idea for the construction of peace.”