Garden plants and “stuff” available

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This summer, the community gardeners worked with Oslund and Associates to envision a new space together. The time has come to make that space a reality!

At this point in the season, any plants, bricks, rocks, and structures left in the garden will be looking for either permanent or temporary homes. Our gardeners have taken out what they want to save before then, and the community is invited to come and grab the rest. Please come and get them! Also please respect any signs placed on objects or plants that just haven’t been able to be moved yet. If there’s no sign attached – it’s all yours!

Plants available: raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, chives, mint, bee balm, columbine, nettle, etc.

We will have space for perennials in the new garden next year, so if you are willing to take some home for the winter, plant them in a temporary space, and bring them back for us in the spring, let me know!

Help spread around the love and plants grown in this garden over the years!

More info on the garden re-design