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Speaking of Pilgrimage: Echoes of the 1230 Pilgrimage from Val-des-Choux to Pluscarden Abbey, with Phil Adamo
Wednesday, November 1
12:00-1:00pm, Marshall Room

In the year 1230AD, King Alexander II of Scotland founded Pluscarden Abbey, a monastery in northern Scotland. The monks who formed the original community, known as Caulites, came from the priory of Val-des-Choux in Burgundy, France.

History professor Phil Adamo designed and participated in a pilgrimage that echoed the journey of those early Caulite monks. Over the summer months of 2017, he and his fellow pilgrims walked roughly 1400 miles across France and the United Kingdom, from Val-des-Choux to Pluscarden, an experience that was both physically challenging and spiritually enriching. Come hear about Phil’s journey in a special presentation to the Augsburg community, November 1, from noon to 1pm.

Sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Christensen Center for Vocation.

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Please click here to RSVP for Speaking of Pilgrimage.