New University Course Survey ready to use

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The new University Course Survey is now in the hands of students. Remember that the recently faculty-approved form is shorter and focuses squarely on student perceptions of their course experiences. Faculty are expected to dedicate 5-10 minutes of class time to completing the form. Be sure to let students know ahead of time (and post on your Moodle site) so they can bring a mobile device; since forms are voluntary, the faculty member must leave the room for this activity. A recommended protocol is included in a message from the University Course Survey system. Using class time boosts response rates to an acceptable level, thus poor response rates are likely to be a failure to follow this protocol.

We also encourage good practice in having faculty collect their own customized data on pedagogy, assignments, and recommendations for future changes in the course using Moodle or pen and paper during class time.

Questions can be directed to Scott Krajewski, or Diane Pike, Chairs are asked to please make sure all adjunct faculty are informed about and supported in this process.

Thank you.