TODAY: Focused Conversation on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

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The second of our December Focused Conversations is this afternoon at 2 p.m. in Oren 100. Here is the agenda:

[1] Augsburg’s Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program, including feedback from participants – presented by Joanne Reeck, chief diversity officer.

[2] Chief Student Success Officer Katie Bishop will provide an update regarding Augsburg’s equity work in support of student success – presented Katie Bishop, chief student success officer.

[3] The work of the Accessibility Subcommittee — which is part of the University Council structure as a subcommittee of the Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity University Committee — presented by Ann Garvey, vice president for Student Affairs, and Kathy McGillivray, director of the CLASS Office.

Finally, a video replay of the Wednesday session is available on the All Hands page, for those not able to attend one of this month’s sessions.