Water Policy

submitted by hangb@augsburg.edu

Beginning January 1st, vending machines will no longer offer bottled water. Please reach out to environmentalstewardship@augsburg.edu with questions, comments, and ideas moving forward.

Sparkling and other “enhanced” water will continue to be available around campus.

Minneapolis tap water, which consistently meets or exceeds safe drinking water standards, is available in drinking fountains for FREE! Students who need a refillable water bottle can pick one up at the Campus Cupboard (see hours: http://inside.augsburg.edu/foodshelf/), thanks the Environmental Action Committee’s Water Bottle Share program.

This is the next phase of the University’s Policy on Bottled Water, approved in May 2017. Learn more at: http://www.augsburg.edu/green/water-and-energy-conservation/bottled-water-policy/