Important Payroll Information

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In preparation for year-end 2018, we ask each employee to review the items below and contact us with any changes or updates to the information we have on file.

Please review your 12/07/18 or 12/21/18 pay stub and verify the following:
1) Name, Address and Social Security Number
If records need to be updated, please contact Human Resources at
2) Check your tax withholdings
The tax withholdings you are currently claiming are printed on the bottom left section of your pay stub. If you wish to change your tax withholdings, please complete a new federal W-4 form and submit to the Payroll office at

Students, staff and supervisors should ensure you are able access and approve time around the holiday break so everyone is paid appropriately and timely.
1) Last pay date for 2018 is 12/21/2018, this is for any hours worked 12/2 – 12/15.
There will NOT be any other payments issued after this date.
• Supervisors must approve time cards by 10am Tuesday, December 18th, however you may begin as early as Monday after 2pm.
2) The first pay date of 2019 is 01/04/2019, this is for hours worked 12/16 – 12/29.
• Hours worked should be logged daily.
• The time entry deadline is still 2pm Monday, December 31st. This is a holiday and all time cards will be submitted automatically by the system.
• Supervisors will need to approve the time cards by 10am on Wednesday, January 2nd – extended due to the holiday on Tuesday, January 1st. This will create a shorter processing time, so it is appreciated if all time is approved by the deadline of 10am. Time can also be approved any time after 2pm on Monday prior to the deadline. Time not approved could result in your employee NOT being paid timely.

If you need any further assistance please contact Payroll at Thank you and have a safe and happy holiday!