2K and Timberwolves

submitted by natropi@augsburg.edu

2K and Timberwolves! Would you be interested in going to an event like this? If so please read the details below!

Gamers United has recently been corresponding with a representative of the Timberwolves who is interested in throwing an event with us. The event would be at the Target Center/Mayo Clinic where you would get a chance to meet the Timberwolves’s NBA 2K Pro Gaming Team: T-Wolves Gaming. The pro gamers, coach, and manager of T-Wolves Gaming will host you and discuss what it’s like to be a professional e-gamer and more. In addition, you would get a 2K T-Shirt and tickets to the Timberwolves Game that night.

Interested? Spread the word and let us know if this is something you want to see this year!

You can contact us at gamersunited@augsburg.edu or through Facebook Messenger!

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