“Mud” by Maria Irene Fornes Performs Tonight

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Feb 7th-9th at 7pm
Feb 10th at 3pm

Tjornhom-Nelson Theater, Foss Center

Augsburg University is proud to be part of the HowlRound Theatre Commons Celebrando Fornés/Celebrating Fornés. This year long event seeks to celebrate and preserve the work and legacy of María Irene Fornés, a Cuban-American playwright, director, and educator. Her work focuses on poverty and feminism, coming from the inspired view of a lesbian artist living during a crucial time in queer and civil rights. She is regarded as the American theatre’s “Mother of Avant-Garde.”

The rehearsal process of Mud has been one of healing, collaboration, and exploration. Through workshop based rehearsals, we discovered the soul of each scene together, taking it one step at a time. For many of us the world of this play feels so far removed from our own, yet it depicts themes that are relevant in the US today: financial and housing instability, limited access to education, and limited access to health care. We also agree that even though love comes in many forms, abuse is not one of them. – Lauren Syme, director