Use Your Skills Volunteering With the Spanish Debate League

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Make a Difference. Educate Through Debate.
Use Your Skills as a Volunteer Judge for the Spanish Debate League

The Minnesota Urban Debate League, a program of Augsburg University, needs a few excellent folks to judge the Spanish Debate League. In this program, middle and high school students in the Twin Cities compete, learn, and discuss issues they are passionate about.

No debate experience? No problem. We train judges at the beginning of every tournament.

What Judges Do:
Watch rounds and evaluate teams on logic, argumentation, and public speaking.
Provide written feedback and assign points to each debater.
Choose the winner of each debate!

Dates to volunteer:

Wednesday April 17
Wednesday May 1
Wednesday May 15

To learn more, visit us: Foss Office 18 at Augsburg University | Contact:
(612) 330-1730

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