Support for Students with Personal Concerns Affecting School

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Students, are you struggling with something that is affecting your ability to do your best work as a student, but don’t know where to go for support? Please check out the Student Support Guide to identify resources for support (on campus and in the community) when you are dealing with personal concerns that may be affecting your well-being. The Guide Includes information on Alcohol/Drug Problem, Anxiety/Stress Management, Depression, Eating Disorder, Family Problems, Gambling, Grief & Loss, Relationship Violence, Self-Injury When Distressed, Sexual Assault & Stalking, Social Life, Suicidal Thoughts, Support Groups, and Unplanned Pregnancy. The Student Support Guide can be found in the “A-Z Directory”, on the Student Affairs webpage, or on the Moodle Resources tab.

To access the guide, make sure you are logged into your Augnet account.

Student Support Guide