Youth Studies

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Do you know Augsburg has a Youth Studies minor? This is a great minor to add to any major if you are considering working with children or youth. Here are three ways you can learn more:

1. Check out the minor at our website –
2. If you want to talk more about the YST minor, please contact Professor Jeremy Myers at
3. Consider enrolling in this course this fall semester.

YST320 Working with Children and Youth (T/Th 9:40 a.m. – 11:20 a.m.)
This course will provide students with practical perspectives and experiences in work with children and youth. We will cover both theoretical frameworks for emancipatory work with youth and focused examinations of different types of youth work. Throughout the course, we will consider how our own positionality and experiences affect our engagements in work with youth and children. In order to fully apply theoretical content to practical experience, this course has a significant service learning requirement.

Instructor: Jen Larrick (M.Ed Youth Development Leadership, University of Minnesota)
Jen works as a soccer coach in various youth and high school settings, and as Augsburg’s Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach. Jen is also a co-founder of a girl’s youth soccer non-profit called, Like a Girl. Jen thinks of youth as integral and capable co-creators of community. She thinks of youth work as a relational, playful, and improvisational practice of co-creating with young people, their own critical thinking, agency, and vocation.