Student Employment – Supervisors please read

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Academic year student employment begins on Sunday, September 8. If you plan to hire student employees, please review the following information:

Academic Year 2019-2020 student wages:
–Student: $12.25
–Student Supervisors: $12.75

NOTE: Open job postings from academic year 2018-2019 will be closed on August 30. All summer jobs end on 9.7.19.

Helpful Information:

Supervisors need to submit Student Employment Returning/Hired forms through Hirezon.
(Detailed instructions:

1. Submit Student Posting Requisitions through Hirezon so students can apply for the job.
(Detailed instructions:
2. Once applicant(s) have been selected submit Student Employment Returning/Hired forms through Hirezon.

NOTE: Students, who have never worked on campus before, will be required to fill out new hire paperwork, and successfully complete a background check. HR sends out the new hire paperwork and background check to the student once the Student Employment Returning/Hired Form is submitted. Students cannot work prior to successfully completing a background check and all required paperwork.

REMINDER: Priority for federal and state work study eligibility
As in previous years, international students and students who are eligible for federal or state work study will be given hiring priority through October. This is a part of the student’s financial aid package, therefore, we want to ensure students that are awarded work study funds are able to work in an on-campus position. Beginning November 1, work study positions are open to all students.

Questions? Email HR at or 612-330-1058.