Cross-Generational Dialogue Dinner: 12 Free Student Ticketrs

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The Citizens for Global Solutions of Minnesota will be hosting Cross-Generational Dialogue during the Peace Meal celebration (as a part of the Human Rights Forum on October 28) and is providing 12 FREE student tickets.

Please see invitation below, and if you are interested in this great opportunity, RSVP to Nancy Dunlavy (

Is the U.S. on a slippery slope to fascism? Surely it can’t happen here … or can it? Our President tweets myths or outright lies daily, and his base cheers. Now that we’ve traded democracy for oligarchy, can fascism be far behind?

Citizens for Global Solutions of Minnesota ( is hosting a “Cross-Generational Dialogue” during the Peace Meal on Monday, October 28th, 5:00 – 7:00pm.

The cost of the Meal ($30) will be covered by CGS for the 12 activist
students that participate, along with 12 elder/advocates, in a guided conversation about the state of our “democracy” in the US.

Citizens for Global Solutions of Minnesota